Create playlists from a random week in a user’s history. Optionally the list can be exported to Spotify. Simple tool built with Python and hosted on Heroku. source


Bookmarklet that allows you to listen to websites. Using the structure of the page and characteristics of the page’s title and url, a song-like set of sounds is produced. Uses music.js for frequency mapping notes and scales, and Audiolet for sound synchronization and generation. source


An abstract, simulated ecosystem using a customized version of Flora.js. Two interdependent species (orange and blue) of Braitenberg vehicles that eat, metabolise, reproduce, and die. Each species consumes a naturally occuring resource as well as a resource that the other produces as waste. An experiment in balancing the rules of a system to be resillient against random starts. source


A channeled pub sub system that I wrote to experiment with event based systems and various JS patterns.


An experiment with Canvas, a grid of growing green blocks that can be burnt down. The fire spreads however, so if you aren’t careful, the entire grid could burn down. source