Thomas J Chandler
A senior level engineer with a decade of experience building and improving web based applications, as well as providing technical and personal leadership.
Senior Software Engineer & Engineering Manager PromptWorks July 2017 - August 2022 javascript react vue react-native python django flask elixir phoenix kotlin kubernetes docker azure
  • Assisted in requirements gathering and estimations.
  • Modernized a legacy Django application, including creating reproducable builds and getting all of the configuration into version control.
  • Implemented features on an internal Elixir/Phoenix application that maps Philadelphia tech companies.
  • React Native Android application integrating client's proprietary chat platform with AR goggles.
  • Implemented multiple user interfaces, richly animated components, and data integrations for a point-of-sale kiosk using React Native on Android.
  • Contributed tools and features to a Node.js and Hemera microservice application to process documentation workflows for alternative investments, such as REITs.
  • Built APIs, services and data stream processing with Kotlin and Kafka to help handle warehouse management for a retail subscription service.
  • Led integration of major DoD application with a cloud service provider to allow self-service provisioning in a highly restricted environment.
  • Built a product to facilitate cryptocurrency payments for online merchants that supported currency conversion and custodial asset management.

In June of 2018 I was promoted to Engineering Manager

  • Managed as many as 17 engineers.
  • Performed regular 1-on-1s as well as gave bi-annual reviews to my reports.
  • Participating in hiring for roles in engineering and leadership.
  • Started various initiatives to build more cohesive teams, develop a culture of learning, and construct working agreements.
  • Worked the rest of leadership to revise career ladders, plan and execute organizational changes, and develop company level goals.
Lead Software Engineer Ticketleap July 2016 - July 2017 typescript, angular, python, less, flask, sql, ansible, aws, docker

As a Lead Software Engineer at Ticketleap I was responsible for developing features for Port, a preorder platform with an embeddable interface and a 2 tier microservice backend. In addition I managed 2 reports, providing mentorship and architectural guidance on their projects.

  • Implemented reproducible deployment scripts for Ticketleap's legacy platform to reduce downtime caused by releases.
  • Performed weekly catch ups and biannual reviews for my reports.
  • Created an extensible component for integration with analytics platforms, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Implemented a demonstration mode of our buyer experience so sellers could preview it before committing to providing their financial information.
  • Led implementation of multivariate condition and action based rule system for sellers.
Software Engineer Zodiac January 2016 - July 2016 angularjs, react, javascript, css, python

At Zodiac I was primarily responsible for development and maintenance of the customer-facing dashboard for predictive CLV data.

  • Prototyped customer dashboard in React.
  • Implemented redesign of existing AngularJS site as well as company blog.
  • Built UX for uploading, managing and querying custom metadata
  • Integrated platform with ExactTarget to allow use of custom audiences for campaign targeting.
Lead Backend Engineer Brief Technology July 2015 - January 2016 python, flask, sql, vagrant, ansible

As Lead Backend Engineer at Brief Technology I prototyped the data api backend for a point of care veterinary software system.

  • Designed and implemented a database schema to store diagnostic veterinary medical data.
  • Automated provisioning of development environment with Vagrant and bash scripts.
  • Created a Jenkins CI image with Vagrant and Ansible.
  • Worked alongside veterinary professionals to develop requirements.
JavaScript Engineer, Technical Lead, Engineering Director Monetate August 2012 – July 2015 javascript, python, angularjs, django, google-closure, sql, html, css

As a member of Monetate's delivery engineering team, I was responsible for integrating client sites into our platform as well as working with client service professionals to develop custom features. These integrations and features were third-party scripts that had to be performant, cross­-browser and reliable.

  • Creating actions to manipulate and/or insert elements or functionality into clients' sites.
  • Assisted with client calls to provide technical support and explanations to clients.
  • Refactored a common product display component to improve maintainability and allow for extensibility.

In July of 2013, after demonstrating technical leadership, I was promoted to Technical Lead.

  • Provided technical expertise in solving unorthodox problems innate to third-­party JavaScript development.
  • Assisted in the design and development of larger scale common components.
  • Was the primary technical voice of Monetate for a number of clients.
  • Led code review sessions 2 days a week.

In October of 2013, after proving myself as a Technical Lead, I was promoted to Engineering Director and given management responsibilities for a team of JavaScript Engineers. While maintaining my day to day engineering responsibilities, I also provided technical and personal leadership.

  • Performed regular 1-­on-­1s and triannual reviews of 4-­7 engineers.
  • Provided technical guidance and support to the entire JavaScript engineering team.
  • Hosted group learning sessions to explore functional programming through katas in Haskell and Clojure.
  • Provided architectural guidance and code for a UI tool to simplify client site integrations.

In January of 2015, I moved to the Data Activation team in Monetate's product engineering department. My management work expanded to iterate on agile processes, managing the team's relationship with the product owner, and representing the team at department meetings.

  • Developed features and improvements for a Data Import and Evaluation Tool.
  • Wrote queue management features for bulk data uploads.
  • Implemented REST API for SFTP User Management.
  • Built a dynamic searching and filtering UI to allow clients to explore their data.
  • Gave a presentation on Monetate's Javascript technology and how it works within the browser life cycle to a technical audience at Monetate's yearly client summit.
Software Engineer The Vanguard Group June 2008 – August 2012 java, spring, javascript, jquery, yui, jsp, sql, html, css, xml

Member of a small team of developers responsible for CrewNet, the primary information and workflow portal for Vanguard's 14,000+ employees. I was also a key member of the team that created Vanguard's extranet.

  • Designed and developed Gatekeeper: A feature toggle system allowing us to enable, disable and target access to features at runtime.
  • Developed a single page application to enable crew to register political activities with our compliance systems.
  • Managed integrations with other corporate systems, such as benefits and payroll.
  • Implemented user registration and login workflow for our extranet.
  • Refactored and modernized large amounts of legacy JavaScript.
  • Invited by Vanguard's CIO to help plan Vanguard's inaugural innovation challenge, leading to sponsorship of major IT initiatives.
    • Produced a series of video advertisements to increase awareness and participation in the event.


B.S. Information Technology Rochester Institute of Technology 2004 - 2008